The brief story is that as a family enterprise my husband Braldt Bralds and I have been producing very small limited editions of Braldt’s original works for several years. Braldt is a widely acclaimed fine artist, who had a remarkable career as an artist/illustrator for over 35 years. His work can be found in wonderful collections around the world.

For several years now Braldt has worked exclusively on his personal fine art, which has shown in prestigious galleries throughout the country. In more recent times his subject matter has come from the natural world, portraits of single stones and lone vegetables. He has brought a living presence to these works, and their natural elegance, done in a contemporary style, are quietly powerful.

Because the enthusiasm for our prints has grown nicely, we decided to create a separate business presence for this aspect of Braldt’s art work. Hence, BRALDS DESIGN WORKS. It remains in the family – our niece Kathryn Keil, located in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, is now a Regional Director of BDW. With a degree in Art, a natural eye for good design, and a straightforward business ethic, she is integral to the development and direction of BDW. There is much more to imagine, much more to come.

Thank you for the visit,

Margaret Bralds