The images you see in our gallery can be ordered
in custom sized giclée prints in a variety of mediums:
Archival paper

We also produce images woven into tapestries.

BarScene copy
“Sardines”, canvas, TABERNA’S, 60″x96″

We specialize in large format prints suitable for larger spaces,

Aspargus.LaBoca copy
“Shades of Green” canvas, 58″x44″ – LA BOCA’S, Santa Fe, NM
La Boca copy
“Anticipation”, canvas, 34″x72″ – LA BOCA’S, Santa Fe, NM

as well as smaller formats for more intimate spaces.

IMG_0407 - use this one
“Reflections in Red”, metal, 18″x24″
Private residence



We also have been having exciting results with producing our images in sepia-toned prints.

To see the full spectrum of images that are available as prints, visit Braldt Bralds Studio. Most of these images are available for use.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities!